Decorative Ceramics

My work is hand-made in my rural studio near Grand Rapids, Michigan. I individually craft each piece using a slab roller or potter’s wheel. When the piece is just dry (called greenware) I airbrush colored underglazes in multiple layers to develop surface depth, then fire a second time for a shiny glaze. A third firing is done after luster glazes are applied to specific areas. These luster glazes actually contain a small amount of real silver or gold. The piece is now ready for me to apply glass beads with a permanent resin. Designs are intuitive or planned depending on the piece.

(click an image of a piece to see it larger)

cover of the OJOT journal, with beaded teapot image

The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy published an article on my process creating decorative beaded ceramics in its November 2021 issue. You can read a PDF of that article here: